Frequently Asked Questions

You ask - we answer.

1Where we could see Koleliba?
You could visit Koleliba Family model in Upper Austria or visit us here in Sofia,Bulgaria where we have sample in our factory.
2Why choose a timber frame?
Timber is natural, durable and ecological material. We use certified KVH timber, specially made for structural load bearing. Before installation we treat it with fire retardant impregnant that also prevents wood decaying, fungi and insects.
3Do you need planning permission to place a Koleliba in a plot?
Typically you don’t need planning permission to park a Koleliba in your plot. You would still need access to water and electricity. Please reconfirm with your local authorities their requirements and we could assist you with drawings and additional information if necessary.
4What is the usual production time?
If you choose amongst one of our standard options, typical production times is 3 months. Have in mind that lead times may occur.If you opt for bespoke design it usually takes about 4-6 weeks to design it, develop it and then another 3 months to produce it. Look at Bespoke section in our main menu.
5Could you build a Koleliba that is not on wheels?
Yes, we could use ground screw foundations as well. In this case for the delivery you will need a crane to position the house.
6What is the biggest size of a Tiny house you could do?
The biggest we could go for is 3x10m, which provides 30m2 of space – 2 bedrooms, living/dining area and a bathroom. If you are interested in larger options please take a Look at Projects - Koleliba Modular cabins. They arrive in pieces and could exceed the 30m2 limit but also allow for a different shapes – L- shaped or U-shaped cabins.
7Could Koleliba-s be Off-grid?
Our standard options are meant to be connected to electricity, plumbing and sewage. We could develop an Off-grid solutions like solar panel system and use alternative toilets, water storage systems etc. Drop us a line if you’re interested in having self-sufficient tiny home.
8What is the maintenance of a Koleliba once built?
After you have become an owner of your very own Koleliba you will have to take a proper care for the trailer checking regularly the tires, lights and brakes. What you will also have to do is re-oil the exterior and the interior of your Koleliba to make it last longer and keep the wood protected from the elements.


Koleliba is a step towards simpler life, comfortable without excesses, for people who want the nature right outside the doorstep of a simple and elegant home.


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