Our models.

Revive your connection with nature in one of our tiny houses. Made to be natural continuation of the outdoors, Koleliba cabins and pods are built to celebrate the touch and feel of solid timber. Broad glazing frames the views, allowing you to enjoy the everchanging landscape.


Koleliba Tiny houses are available mobile - on wheels or fixed - with ground screws. They are the perfect solution for building-sensitive places like campsites, glampings or plots with building restrictions. Leaving zero impact on the land once moved, they offer flexibility and are eco-friendly.


In a need of bedroom under the stars? Koleliba Glamping pods offer range of differently sizes suites for couples and families, giving them a chance to reconnect with nature and enjoy some precious time together. Alternatively a Glamping pod, could be used as a Garden room or a as a Self-contained guest bedroom.


It’s important to make your Tiny house more individual so it corresponds to your taste. We’ve worked on several color schemes and are always happy to suggest curated selection of lighting, accessories and fabrics to complement the timber and plywood.


We are always excited to see a project of ours come to life. From the trailer to the curtains inside it takes long hours of hard work but it all fades away the moment you see the Koleliba parked in its final destination.


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