Koleliba Original 25I45

Koleliba Family 6.6 m.

Is the smallest to come with separate bedroom niche with a room to fit a family of 4.

The first size to offer separated bedroom niche as additional space from the living/dining area. With it's slightly bigger size in relation to Koleliba Original 4,5m this tiny house could host a family of 4 offering double bed, sofa bed and a pull out single bed.

This Tiny house went to upper Austria where our clients positioned it at quite a steep plot with lovely views towards a nearby mountain. They use it as a weekend home to enjoy the nature around and escape from their ''apartment'' life.


Send us and e-mail to arrange a visit of this house in upper Austria.

Photography: Yana Lozeva


Koleliba is a step towards simpler life, comfortable without excesses, for people who want the nature right outside the doorstep of a simple and elegant home.