Koleliba Wine Tasting Rooms 25I40

Koleliba Modular Cabins

Bespoke project designed specifically to complement a new camping site in Prenzlau, Germany, that has a dedicated Tiny house section.

The brief for these Modular cabins was determined by the planning permission the owner got for a new campsite near Prenzlau, Germany. We had the planning drawings together with concept design for the permanent buildings and we were asked to design Modular homes that would complement the site and comply with the chosen materials' palette.

In terms of functionality 2 models with similar look were created - one L shaped with 2 separated bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen and one mini model that only had sleeping space for 2-3 people. Eight of both cabin types were meant to be placed in the dedicated Tiny house zone of the new campsite.


Easily transportable modular cabins assembled on site.


Koleliba is a step towards simpler life, comfortable without excesses, for people who want the nature right outside the doorstep of a simple and elegant home.