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Koleliba Original 4.5 m.

The smallest of our Tiny house line, Koleliba Original measures only 4,5 in length and it's suitable for 2 people.

It’s compact layout manages to fit a fold out sofa, full sized bathroom and a small kitchenette. The main focus remains on the big glazing and the outdoor space which boasts fold our benches and a canopy. Built in 2015 Koleliba Original was where it all started from.

This house was the prototype to experiment with design and durability. After spending three lovely summers at the Bulgarian Black sea coast now you could see this house in our factory used mainly as sample but also as a meeting place and an office for the moments when we need some privacy and peace of mind.


Take a look at our very first Koleliba ever built.

Photography: Deyan Tomov


Koleliba is a step towards simpler life, comfortable without excesses, for people who want the nature right outside the doorstep of a simple and elegant home.