Trailers and Foundations



Standard Trailer.

The standard trailer we offer is steel frame, galvanized. It has 2 or 4 heavy duty cargo tires. When choosing this option to hit the road your house needs to be loaded on a truck. This trailer is suitable for local positioning of the house and eases the loading and unloading process. While most of the mobile homes need a crane to assist with placing, having the trailer allows this procedure to happen with an SUV, which is much cheaper option.

Hit the roads trailer.

If you want to experience towing your own house on the roads we offer certified trailers that comes with all the necessary documentation to get driving permission. You typically need a special driving license. This option is recommendable for our smaller models as they weigh less and are easier to tow.



Included in the base price together with the trailer you get 4 supporting legs so that you could level the house once positioned on site. These 4 supports are steel frame, galvanized and could adapt to the terrain if not extremely steep. It is advised that you put a concrete or stone pad under them to have a more rigid base to stabilize the house.

For extra support we offer Ground screw foundations. They need to be fixed on site having in mind the trailer basic geometry and when the house arrives it could just rest on them. If you opt for the ground screws, you might skip the trailer and use a crane to position the house on top pf the foundations.


Koleliba is a step towards simpler life, comfortable without excesses, for people who want the nature right outside the doorstep of a simple and elegant home.


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